Last Updated on Friday, 27 March 2015 17:20 27 March 2015

Thank you for signing up with Greater Hamden Baseball Association. We are nearing the start of the spring season, though winter doesn't seem to want to let go this year! As we continue to prepare, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Sign ups are still ongoing. In order to make this season successful with multiple teams per age group, we need your help in getting the word out about Greater Hamden Baseball.
  2. If you signed up online and have yet to email or mail your registration form, please do so as soon as possible. This way we can match your player with the right age group.
  3. Our first practice of April 4th is dependent on the Town of Hamden clearing the fields for play. As much as we'd like to get out there, the town maintains and directs use of all fields. Based on my last look at the fields, it is unlikely they will be playable. However, Mother Nature has surprised us in the past. Please be patient and stay tuned for our first practice date.
  4. Teams will not be formed until the middle of April. We have to begin practice and assess the skill level of each player to assign players to balanced teams. Until then, we will not have a team match for your player.
  5. WE NEED COACHES! If you are interested in coaching this season, please email us as soon as possible. We are a league of volunteers and your help is much appreciated.

We will be in touch weekly until the fields are ready to ... Play Ball!

- Kerry-Ann Dyce, Commissioner