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All parents and players (participants) must abide by the rules of the G.H.B.A.  Participants will support good sportsmanship at all times, and the Zero Tolerance Policy established by the League.   Participants will be held financially responsible for all registration and/or Booster fees.  Participants will not hold the G.H.B.A., its Managers, Coaches, Officers, or Game Officials responsible for accidents occurring during the normal conduct of activities or during transportation to or from activities.  Registration and/or booster fees will not be refunded, waived, or pro-rated for any reason.

Basic Baseball Skills

There are four basic baseball skills: catching, hitting, throwing and base running. These four are collectively called baseball drills. Children learning of baseball drills enhance appreciation, enjoyment and safety practices in the game. The GHBA acknowledges that all children develop at a different pace. As such, placement of players is based on proficiency of certain skills. Here are the GHBA divisions and what players can expect to learn in each:

Single A Division

The Single A Division, also known as Rookie division, focuses on learning the four basic skills. Knowledge of the sport of baseball and the orientation of a baseball field is also taught at this level. Players are expected to be proficient in at least catching and throwing before advancement to the next division.


Double A Division:

Players in the Double A division will learn to become stronger fielders, batters, and strategic base runners. Increased knowledge of the sport of baseball will be gained as game rules are more strongly applied. In the Double A division, depending on player skill level, a mixture of coach pitch and kid pitch will be allowed.

Triple A Division

Players in the Triple A division will learn to become stronger baseball players. Instincts are further developed and multiple skills are combined for competitive baseball games. The Triple A division is kid-pitch baseball.